Opening Times

Our playgroup offers quality education and care during term time between the hours of 9am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday.

We offer flexible half or full day sessions along with an optional 8.30am early start.

Morning Session

09.00 am to 12.00 noon


12.00 noon to 12.45pm

Afternoon Session

12.45pm to 3.45pm


Children bring a packed lunch from home which is stored safely in accordance with Environmental Health requirements, which requires the provision of an ice pack inside the lunch box.

Current Term Dates

Academic Year 2018/2019


4th Sept 2018 – 26th October 2018
5th November – 21st December 2018


7th January – Bank Holiday
8th of January – 21st February 2019
22nd February – Training Day
4th March – 12th April 2019

Summer 2019

29th April – Training Day
30th April – 24th May 2019
6th & 27th May – Bank Holidays
3rd June – 19th July 2019
22nd July – Training Day



At the recommendation of North Yorkshire County Council, our rates are as follows;

2 Year Olds

  • Hourly Charge £5.20
  • Full 3 hour Session £15.60
  • Lunch £3.90
  • 8.30am Early Start £5.20
  • Full day 9.00 – 15.45 would be £35.10 and with early start would be £40.30

3&4 Year Olds

  • Hourly Charge £5.00
  • Full 3 hour Session £15.00
  • Lunch £3.75
  • 8.30am Early Start £5.00 (not included in funded hours)
  • Full day 9.00 – 15.45 would be £33.75 and with early start would be £38.75


Fees are payable each half term in advance and a bill is produced for your information.

Fees are payable if a child is absent including family holidays during term times. Stutton Playgroup does not charge parents for Bank Holidays.

In cases of prolonged absence, parents may consult the committee about fee payment. Each child’s attendance at playgroup is conditional upon continued payment of all necessary fees.

Due to staffing and ratios etc… we do not usually authorise or offer swaps unless in extenuating circumstances. Ask the manager for details. Any extra sessions are to be paid for in addition to agreed sessions.

Late Collection Charges

If you are late collecting your child at the end of their allocated session according to the playgroup clock, a late collection charge of £1 per minute may be charged at the discretion of the playgroup management.


Government Funding

15 hours universal government funding through North Yorkshire County Council is available for all children the term after their third birthday. We also offer the 15 hours extended entitlement for those children who are eligible.

Parents must apply for this directly, please contact Families Information Service on 01609 533483 to see if you are eligible. Extra hours are charged at the current playgroup rate. Parents MUST complete a Parental agreement.

Funding for two year old children is available subject to certain criteria. Please ask for details or contact Families Information Service on 01609 533483 or email at

If you are a working parent you may be entitled to help with payments towards childcare costs through tax credits.

Employer Voucher Schemes

Stutton Playgroup accepts payment through these schemes which is arranged by parents directly with their employer’s Human Resources Department. Our Ofsted number is EY552943 which you will need to quote to your HR department.


Stutton Playgroup
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tel. 07949 976093
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